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5 Methods to Bring Vintage Ceiling Tiles into Your Home / vintage ceiling tiles

5 Methods to Bring Vintage Ceiling Tiles into Your Home

With vintage tile decor or antique ceiling tiles, one can adorn their living space with a more granular aesthetic. 

In some anecdotal cases, many of these creations are circumstantial—whether the decorator elects to use everyday, rustic items to evoke an industrial theme or other objects they stumbled upon in the world to bring home.

Typically, many of these ‘pedestrian’ items aren’t created with the intention of becoming interior decor. 

Antique ceiling tiles are a direct example of this. In the past, these were typically used in a retail space—department stores, malt shops and other places where they stood on their own.

Presently, these ceiling tiles can be found at salvage yards and flea markets after they are typically taken from shoddy homes and business establishments. 

Here are some of the best ways to usher in antique ceiling tiles into your home.

  • Add tin to your gallery wall
  • Hanging wall frame gallery with bird cage, candlesticks and other miscellaneous items by Personal Creations via Flikr.

    Consider adorning your living space with some ceiling tins which could act as a seamless, complementary backdrop for your wall. This will only add to the flavor and style of a home that has a rooted antique style. 

  • Try various colored tiles
  • Multi-colored tile wall art by madeinthecellar via Instagram.

    While ceiling tins typically come in a white or cream-like coloring, you can add some nuance to the room with variegated wall tiles, especially if you place them adjacent to each other to amplify the contrast. The best part is, you don’t even have to go through a retail department to get these. If you’re sifting through a salvage bin, for example, you can typically find plenty of colors to choose from.

  • Throw in a grunge appeal
  • Grunge tile by user via Pixabay.

    While not everyone will say the 90s are always in style, some of the remnant fashion choices from that era still remain. That goes for grunge. Depending on your living space or what you’re going for, it may serve to add a little more nuance to go with this gritty approach on one of your walls, or in a less-used area of the home.

  • Use a large tin as a statement piece
  • Ceiling tile dating from the 1920s by janeycave via Instagram.

    If you ever find yourself the beneficiary of a successful tin haul, you may want to consider finding one of the larger ones and using it as a focal point of the room for your vintage ceiling tiles. It serves to mention that the larger the tile, the more decorating possibilities. So if you feel like you’re up for the challenge, then purchase one with a larger surface area. With this picture, it is being mounted on a brick backdrop, but we recommend finding a larger one and placing it on a table for a better effect.

  • Implement tile on your ceiling
  • Empire mirror ceiling tiles by Nate Steiner via Flikr.

    For redundancy sake, it’s best to change it up every now and then instead of opting to outfit every room with the same style of ceiling tile aesthetic. However, if you fancy yourself a tile aficionado, you’ll likely want to outfit your ceiling with a vintage appeal. This allows for the room to evoke a sense of grounded fashion coupled with history and style.

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