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Drop Ceilings & Drop Ceiling Tiles & Panels

Drop ceilings are suspended a few inches (at least 4 inches) below an actual ceiling. This is useful, especially in restaurant, industrial & commercial applications because you can hide HVAC duct work, electrical wiring, fixtures, equipment (such as WiFi routers), plumbing and other unsightly items to create a clean look.

Drop ceiling start with a grid that forms the structure for the ceiling, and drop-in tiles are used to fill in the “squares”. Here is what the grid system for a drop ceiling looks like:

Suspended ceilings were initially conceptualized to provide insulation and sound absorption from the floor above. By creating a secondary ceiling beneath the floor, the sound from above was reduced and the type of tiles used also provided additional insulation. With time, suspended ceilings have transitioned into a popular decorative option.

When it comes to residential applications, drop ceilings are suitable for basements as they can provide easy access to heating and cooling ducts, plumbing and electrical wiring, just like in commercial applications.Drop ceilings are also fairly easy to install.

You can find instructions on how to install our drop-in ceiling tiles as well as our instructions for deep drop-in ceiling tiles.

Traditionally, drop ceilings used acoustic tiles which were limited in design. Perhaps you can recall white acoustic tiles with lots of tiny holes in white grids?

Metal ceiling tiles designed for drop ceilings can be used with an acoustic barrier applied at the back and they actually serve equally well, if not better, than traditional acoustic tiles when it comes to sound absorption.

Our decorative metal ceiling tiles are available for use in drop suspended ceilings. You can opt for drop-in ceiling tiles which give you a regular look, or you can get deep drop-in tiles that can give you a three-dimensional look.

If you are looking for metal or tin ceiling tiles for your new drop ceiling, you will find tons of options on our website at www.metalceilingexpress.com.