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Exquisitely Crafted Metal Tiles made in the USA---------------- Huge Sale! Discounts 5%, 10% & 15% off


Estimated shipping costs for 100 tiles or 200 lbs!

Estimated Freight Cost

Los Angeles: $132.00

NewYork: $88.00

Houston: $88.00

Chicago: $88.00

Atlanta: $78.00

Save 40% Off Shipping Sale! 

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Pricing is for Unfinished tiles that require at least a Clear coat for maintaining the bright silver tin plate finish! See COLORS page for powder coated tile price.

For any size orders, call to speak directly with the manufacture of embossed tin ceiling tiles. A representative is available Monday through Thursday from 8am - 5pm EST and 8am - 4pm EST Friday's to assist with questions about dimensions and ordering.