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Exquisitely Crafted Metal Tiles made in the USA---------------- Huge Sale! Discounts 5%, 10% & 15% off

Snap-Grid Metal Ceiling Tile System

Our snap-grid metal ceiling tile system makes the installation of our ceiling tiles easy and quick. In fact, the snap-grid system is designed to be installed directly to drywall, or to literally any surface without the need to install plywood or furring strips beforehand. With the snap-in mechanism where you can simply “snap” metal panels into place to complete your metal ceiling! Installation instructions for the snap-grid ceiling system are available.

Create this real wood coffered ceiling look, using our New Patented Snap-Grid System!!!!!

The snap grid system is as easy to install as a suspended ceiling grid. Main runners, snap grid inserts and wall moldings are available in 5 unique colors.  Our 8 most popular patterns are available for the snap-grid system in over 60 colors & finishes.

Here is a handy snap grid estimation chart to figure out how much material you will need for your project: