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Metal Ceiling Tiles | Pattern 106 | Color: Eccentric Mirror | Size: 24" x 24"


24"x24" tiles available in any color, clear coated, or you can order them unfinished (raw) if you prefer to coat them yourself. Nail-Up and Drop-In installation options available. Class A 1-hour fire rated. Material: Tin-plated Steel. Weight: 1.85lbs each. Coverage: 4 square feet per tile. See also: * Crown molding * Switch plate covers * Edging (for wall application) * Cone Head Nails available in Stainless, White, Copper, or Brass * Construction adhesive for wall (vertical) installation * Hold-Down Clips for drop-in/suspended ceiling tiles * 15/16" Ceiling Grid (for Drop-In). This pattern is also available on an unfinished tin 12" Tile, a 12" Solid Copper tile, and an 18"x24" backsplash tile. *** To order a 1/4 tile cut sample, visit our Pattern Samples page. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.