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Traditional backsplash are generally made of tile, granite, tumbled stone, travertine, or a similar material. The trends on design and material are ever-changing, but for a unique and eye-catching look, consider metal backsplash. Metal backsplash is durable, suitable for areas exposed to heat, and quick and easy to install. A powder-coated backsplash is easy to clean and maintain.

At Metal Ceiling Express, our tiles are made of steel that are plated with tin to create a long lasting and durable product. We manufacture these tiles in-house using high-quality material. The metal is cut into panel-sized sheets and stamped (embossed) using our high-tonnage stamping.

Our 18” x 24” backsplash tiles are conveniently sized for counter-to-cabinet clearance. If a larger tile is needed, our backsplash patterns are also available in the 24" x 24" version. As well as a 12" x 12" tiles that can be used on smaller areas or as a filler in tight spaces.

Our tiles are available in any color or can be ordered raw if you prefer to coat them yourself.



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